Gym Instructor-Nimesh Shrivastav


Gym Instructor-Nimesh Shrivastav Dehradun, has designed tailored gym programmes, encourages gym users to train effectively and ensuring that they work out safely. Nimesh has the opportunity to improve customers’ overall well-being, enhance their fitness levels. Nimesh Shrivastav is not only a Gym instructor but also a Personal Trainer as well as Senior Teacher at Sports Fit Gym. He  is a very hard working trainer.

Nimesh is a  qualified Gym Instructor-

Work full-time or part-time as a gym instructor within a Sports Fit Gym
Become a gym supervisor or fitness manager
Deliver popular group classes (by taking CPD modules) including Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells or Core    Stability
Build towards becoming a personal trainer by completing the remaining personal trainer modules
Specialise in working with older adults or prenatal and post-natal women.

Nimesh thinking – Being a motivator is a little different than being a workout buddy. Whereas being a workout buddy means that you’re providing companionship and guidance, being a motivator requires a little extra proverbial mustard. You need to bring out the best in them.

For some of your clients, being a motivator will mean that you—possibly literally—cheer them on as they get their first pull-up. For others it simply means that you provide accountability, making sure they show up to train instead of going to the nearest bar or fast food joint.



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