Urban House Restaurant and Bar


Urban House Restaurant and Bar is renowned for its Good Food, Bar and Restaurant. Our Restaurant offers a variety of Food to meet the tastes and requirements of customers. The food items offered are well described in the menu card. It’s a nice place to go and celebrate with your family. Our Restaurant serves amazing food and keeps a good stock of branded liquors. Urban House Restaurant and Bar in Dehradun have very courteous staff and our seating is very spacious, neat and clean. It is located at Shastri Nagar, Haridwar Road, Dehradun.

Urban House Restaurant and Bar is a moment of celebration of the finest culinary dishes experiences in Dehradun. We offer you the opportunity to dine at city’s finest restaurants tasting multi cuisine dishes offered by us at just reasonable rates. Give us a chance to present our delightful service, we bet, you won’t forget ever.



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