Raj Dairy


Raj Diary provides you milk from the best brand all over the country in your town. We are one of the best Milk distributors of Dehradun offering services in milk distribution across the city. Milk’s got character. Cow’s milk is supposed to be sweet with a mild after-taste, creamier on the tongue, fresh and slightly off-white in colour. Buffalo’s milk, on the other hand, is white and thick. It has more proteins, fat and calories. In a quest to discover if what we’re drinking really holds up to these standards, we decided to do a blind taste-test with five different brands of milk. The Milk that is being distributed is of all major brands such as Amul, Mother Dairy etc. Apart from milk distribution it also manufactures Ghee, Curd, Cottage Cheese and other milk products as well. All the milk products are of best and pure quality and sold at optimum price ensuring customer health and satisfaction.

Raj Diary picked popular brands of toned milk that were easily available in general stores and supermarkets. We make you available with the milk that is manufactured on the same dates as we are here  to provide the best and premium quality of milk.


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