Laxmi Dry Cleaners


Laxmi Dry Cleaners is one of the best Dry Cleaning Services provider in Dehradun. It is doing much more than taking out physical dirt. It offers a complete package which includes hygienic cleaning, trained people and superior customer service. The wardrobe care and dry cleaning service offered by us is a unique concept where in each item goes through a tailor made and individual care and cleaning process in the retail store itself by a well trained team of specialists.

Laxmi Dry Cleaners Service : –

Our best services for industries is below: –

* Dry Cleaning and Laundry

* Cleaning Services

* Shoes, Bags and Leather Care

* Curtain, Sofa, Blanket Dry Cleaning

* Darning and Alteration

* Charak, Steam Press

We provide Dry cleaning treatments for varied range of textiles, fabrics and types of garments, thus allowing the provision of improved and better services to our customers. It is located at EC Road, Dehradun.


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