Ayushman Panchkarma Centre & Ayurvedic Clinic


The sparking feature of Ayushman Panchkarma Centre & Ayurvedic Clinic is “Ayurvedic” treatment offered with full care & concern. Here we perform all type of Panchakarma procedures as per classical reference under the guidance of Panchakarma specialist and masseurs. Our masseurs are given special training to perform Panchakarma procedures in Keraliya style. In addition to this it has objectives of providing medical services to the general masses at the very reasonable and charitable costs.

Ayushman Panchkarma Centre & Ayurvedic Clinic has made an overall remarkable progress and fast development in the field of Medical, Management and Technical education by fulfilling its objectives.

Our Panchakarma Therapy has been successfully applied in various diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Slipped Disc, Paralysis, Arthitis, Alcoholism & Drug addiction, Frozen Shoulder, Migrane, Kshar Sutra Treatment for Piles, Fistula & Fissure in Ano, Ayurvedic Facial, Herbal Beauty Care (Only for Female), Depression, Gynecological Problems, Post Fracture Stiffness, Genral & Sexual weakness, Skin Disorder, Backache, Cervical Spondylities.

Charges of Panchakarma Therapy:-

  1. Vamana – 2500/-
  2. Virechna – 100/-
  3. Anuvasna Vasti – 400/-
  4. Vasti – 400/-
  5. Nasya – 300/-

Charges of Relaxing Therapy:-

Ayurvedic Message (Abhyanga) – 500/-

Sarvang Swed with Medicated Vasp – 400/-

Sirodhara with Medicated Oil – 600/-


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