New Life Line Care Rehabilitation Center


New Life Line Care Rehabilitation Center, offers you a chance of healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. New Life Line Care address Narcotic substance/alcohol use and abuse (like Alcohol containing Drinks, Drugs, Cocaine, Marijuana, Smack, Cannabis, Injectable Drugs etc.)

Today men, women youth and adolescents in large number are facing addiction of alcohol and other mood altering mind altering drugs which causes cycle of debt, desperation, broken relationships, crime, physical, mental health problems, hopelessness and pre-nature death. Counselling & Rehabilitation center for Drugs Addict & Alcoholic. An Alcoholic or an Addict is a sick person suffering from an incurable disease and that the person can never drink moderately like non-Alcoholic or an Addict for a given period. Since it is an illness, a physical compulsion with a mental obsession to drink, he has to abstain completely in order to lead a normal life.

Alcoholism or Drug Addiction basically is a health related problem accompanied by emotional disease. It has nothing to do with will power or moral weakness. Just like we do not blame a diabetic patient for lack of will power, similarly we do not regard such compulsive drinking as a vice. Before coming to New Life Line Care some members did uncontrolled drinking from their very first drink and progressed over years to this pattern. Some were daily users while others managed long period of abstinence on their own. However, they finally indulged in a binge of uncontrolled drinking. With the passing of time an Alcoholic or an Addict drinking gets worst. No Alcoholic or an Addict could ever return to normal social drinking. There is nothing as being “a little bit Alcoholic or an Addict” Once a problem drinker crashes over the line into alcoholism or addiction he can never become a social drinker or social user again.


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