Sams Studio


Sams Studio is a Creative, skilled, innovative are some words that appropriately explain the art of tattooing. But the vision, hard work, expertise and time that goes into making the simplest of tattoos is beyond words. Tattoos have been used as social symbols among several tribal communities in India. Though the tradition has been frequent in the country for some time now, modern tattooing has only a short while ago acquired a mainstream and upmarket status. It is one the best tattoo studio in Dehradun. we specialize in a range of body art services to ensure that when you want to decorate and change your body, you can do so in safe, comfortable and professional environment. We offer both permanent and temporary tattoos services, our tattoos artist have years of experience behind them, our studio offers you a clean and hygienic environment. Sams Studio is located at Shop No-3, Swaraj Plaza, 72-Rajpur Road, Dehradun.


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